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AHC Bright Peptide Special Skin Care Set, 5pcs

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  • AHC Bright Peptide Toner 140ml / 1EA
  • AHC Bright Peptide Lotion 140ml / 1EA
  • AHC Bright Peptide Cream 50ml / 1EA
  • AHC Ultimate Real Eye Cream For Face 30ml / 1EA
  • AHC Capture C Brightening Ampoule 50ml / 1EA



The elastic brightening line that brightens up the skin with the synergies of brightening ingredients and five peptides.

- Smooth transfer of nutrients by applying bio-enhancer technology

- Temperature-sensitive polymer technology quickly absorbs the active ingredient

- It makes your skin elastic.


How to Use

Follow the daily skincare routine in order of toner > eye cream > ampoule > lotion > cream.