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AHC Premium Cotton Mask Royal Propolis MASK Sheet (Wrinkle care & Whitening) 25ml x 20ea

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  • 25ml x 20ea
  • Pure cotton mask that cares for moist and nutritious skin
  • Contains propolis/ royal jelly/ honey extract to help intensive moisturizing effect
  • Aloe vera leaf extract, honey extract, royal jelly extract, propolis extract, natural protector, fermented herb
  • Whitening/Wrinkle improvement double functional cosmetics
  • A soft cotton mask filled with a bottle of ampoule turns the rough and rough skin into a moist and nutritious skin
  • 100% pure cotton mask sheet for safe skin
  • A 100% cotton cotton mask sheet (Lohas certified) provides a mild feeling of use while at the same time smoothly and smoothly adheres to the skin, making ampoule absorption easy and quick.
  • Recommended for dry skin that lacks moisture, rough skin that lacks nutrition, skin that does not shine, and skin that needs healthy care and shine